The Heirloom Ledger is an empty book waiting to record the simple moments of life. We created the ledger so that your words and the words written by all that grace your home will be treasured in the time to come. Our greatest hope is that all who contribute will find joy in this heirloom in the making. 


We are a mother-daughter team with a history of dreaming big dreams. Sweet Olive Heirloom is rooted in a purpose to honor our past and to inspire others to bring traditions into their everyday lives.


My mama shared something very special with me. As I opened the old ledger that belonged to my grandparents – I was instantly transported to another time and place. Reading the entries, all of my senses came alive. I could envision my mother sitting on the long porch with her sisters snapping fresh green beans from the garden and hear the slam of the screen door as her father returned home from work.  I heard the crackle of distant lightning as a summer thunderstorm approached – a much needed rain that the gardens would be thankful for.  Each written story or thought recounting ordinary daily life felt like a treasured gift directly from the past.

Hydie and Carley       Photo by Molly Ann Walke

Hydie and Carley
Photo by Molly Ann Walke

In 1999, after the birth of my third child (and wondering why I didn’t think of it sooner), I searched for an old ledger like the one that belonged to my Nonee and Lala – or Fronnie and Bumps as they were called amongst friends.  The first entry speaks of Carley, age 6 at the time, “digging for worms in the zinnia bed” and lists the plants for the summer garden, which according to the entry includes “one tomato sucker that Carley insists will grow…”  (She was right, by the way)

Thirteen years later, final words were written on the very last page of the ledger.  So often, I read through the pages and find myself connected to my life in way that makes my heart skip a beat.  So simple, yet not even a photo could capture such simple and tender moments so perfectly.

 I am thankful to have spent many years not only working with my oldest daughter, but also sharing a love of intentionally seeking ways to infuse our lives with meaning and moments to cherish. To honor our treasured traditions, cultivate new ones, and connect with others who desire the same, we created Sweet Olive Heirloom.



My love for tradition and seeking meaning in simple moments began as a child, watching my mom and her mom. It was a bit of a family tradition in itself. As my February 2016 wedding approached and I prepared to move away from my family in Louisiana, I focused on connecting to my roots. My mother sought out meaningful traditions and mementos to pass on. The season of engagement and the wedding was a lens into what my husband and I, my family and my friends value most. Through Sweet Olive Heirloom we hope to continue this experience.

My mother explained above about our family's greatest treasure, a large ledger full of moments, scribbled, drawn or written since 1999. Never would these moments be captured in a photo and I am grateful to hold these pages and see bits of everyday life gone by.

Traditions like these are the things we hold dear to in our family. We have found that the most treasured moments, objects and traditions involve simple ideas and connect us to a more meaningful part of life. And so, we desire to bring these traditions to life and pass them on to others through Sweet Olive Heirloom.